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Kevin Stone, renowned as the “Hollywood Hypnotist™”  and hailed as the “Master of Suggestion™,” is a multifaceted entertainer, clinical hypnotherapist, and motivational speaker acclaimed for his captivating stage shows and transformative techniques.


Stage Show Extravaganza:
Kevin Stone delivers a high-energy, comedy-laced hypnosis stage show that merges clinical expertise with entertainment flair. His performances, reminiscent of a modernized MTV Las Vegas-styled show, captivate audiences through wit, charm, and a charismatic persona. Renowned as the “Sexiest Hypnotist” for his ornate costumes, he enchants crowds with creativity, showmanship, and larger-than-life productions featuring special effects, music, costumes, and props.


Audience Participation & Empowerment:
Respecting volunteers’ dignity, Kevin ensures a fun-filled experience without embarrassing participants. The volunteer “STARS” of his show receive a special parting gift—a Perfected Mini-Hypnotherapy Session™ personalized with suggestions to enhance their lives. During one performance, a man with a two-pack per day habit for over 35 years, requested the suggestion to stop smoking permanently and he has become a non-smoker ever since!


Critical Acclaim & Professional Accolades:
Kevin Stone’s innovative and mesmerizing hypnosis methods have earned acclaim from Entertainment Today, citing him as “creative, flexible, mesmerizing, and very funny,” while the Los Angeles Times wrote that “The Hollywood Hypnotist darts through the most unique and ‘funforgettable’ audience participation program in existence, never once belittling any of his volunteers.”


Impressive Credentials & Accomplishments:
As a Master Hypnotist and Board-Certified Hypnotherapist, Kevin is listed in Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs and serves as a “Senior Clinical Instructor” at a prestigious Craniofacial Pain/TMJ Clinic in Los Angeles. His expertise extends beyond entertainment; he conducts motivational workshops, corporate training for Fortune 500 companies, and serves as a television personality, author, radio host, retired firefighter, and animal rights activist.


Global Recognition & Media Presence:
Kevin Stone’s impactful work has graced prominent television shows like Teen Mom OG, Celebrity Fit Club, and The Tyra Banks Show, alongside features in People, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and major news outlets globally, solidifying his status as a highly sought-after personality and a driving force in the world of hypnosis and entertainment.


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