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Need a sizzling look that will blow your guests away the minute they walk into the room? We will work with you to develop a unique dramatic room design that will project the event’s image with guaranteed impact. On-site stylists direct the entire installation and production to insure the proper look and effect.

Décor services are available with or without full event-planning services.


  • Understand the scene and mood you wish to create to enhance your event.
  • Listen to your concepts and ideas, color-scheme requests, etc.
  • Start building a cohesive plan for the decor.
  • Help you work through the options and crucial decisions.
  • Organize a timeline.
  • Implement a budget plan.
  • Make all the arrangements.
  • Communicate with you every step of the way.
  • Maintain meticulous documentation.
  • Deliver memorable décor that sets the right tone for your event.


  • Architectural Elements: including framing with truss, spandex creations, and hanging elements that make entrances and special areas stand out.
  • Displays: product displays, signage, video walls that attract the right kind of attention!
  • Flooring: dance floors, rugs, pavers, lino, and illuminated surfaces that provide the perfect foundation for the rest of the look.
  • Floral Accents of any size to match any mood and color scheme and add a memorable and sophisticated touch.
  • Furniture Design: we can CUSTOM BUILD furniture, so it’s all tailored to your specific event. You dream it, we build it.
  • Table Centerpieces that catch the eye and spark conversation.
  • Drapery & Accents that fit the theme and color scheme for a look that wows.
  • Lighting (primary and accent), moving lights, and other special effects to set the mood, spotlight areas of attention, and dazzle the eye.
  • Mobile Bars & Vending that bring the refreshments to your guests in style.
  • Pre-production Thematic Design, Planning, & Procurement Services to make the event of your dreams into a reality!
  • Sound Design & Ambient Music to provide the right audio backdrop and mood enhancement.
  • Special Areas like outdoor tents & cabanas, runners and walkways, seating areas, and lounges are just a few types of special areas we can create for your event. We’ll help expand your imagination with creative ideas.
  • Special Effects like video animations, motion graphics, and other special video effects to add another layer to the decor, entertainment, and atmosphere!

Dazzling décor makes any event memorable and our top-notch customer service makes it easy and fun for our clients.

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