Kendra Daniels

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Meet Kendra Daniels, a seasoned entertainer who is no stranger to the stage. With a diverse skill set ranging from singing and dancing to stunting and hosting, Kendra is a dynamic force in the entertainment industry.

As a featured specialty act, Kendra wows audiences with her impressive performances on Lyra, effortlessly combining stunts with singing. She also leads her own band, the Kendra Daniels Band, and serves as the lead female vocalist for the Randy Anderson Band. Her performances have taken her to renowned venues across the globe, from Las Vegas and Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera and beyond.

In addition to her musical talents, Kendra is an established model with extensive experience in both print and commercial work.
As an emcee, Kendra is a natural with a captivating presence. She has lent her voice to various production shows, including Extreme Live’s “The Hits” Fremont Street Production Shows, and is a regular fixture at slot tournaments and conventions.

With her energy, professionalism, and heartwarming attitude, Kendra Daniels not only dazzles audiences with her talent but also leaves a lasting impression with her nonstop smile.




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