A singer whose talent does not stop with a voice, he?s a natural born entertainer. “When on stage, he?s like a ?sh in water,” said NYU professor and tenor John Kuhn. He pursues his career with passionate determination.

Drew Anthony, musician, singer, and instructor was born premature on July 28th in New Haven, CT. Weighing a mere 4 pounds and in an incubator, his spirit had to prove its determination early. His full name is Andrew Anthony Carrano. His family calls him “Drew” since his father and both grandfathers are also named Andrew. His grandparents are Andrew and Elvira D?Agostino and Andrew and Marie Carrano. His parents are Andrew Joseph Carrano and Alvera Ann Carrano. He also has two of the best sisters in the world, Lisa Karen and Lori Ann.

The person most responsible for sparking his interest in music is his Grandmother Marie Antoinette Rossetti Carrano, or as all the grandchildren called her “Mema Jean”. She loved to sing and play the piano and guitar. Drew visited Mema almost daily to listen to records, sing and have Italian coffee. One of their favorite singers to listen to together was Nat King Cole. These are the special moments responsible for planting the musical seed in Drew very early on.

After high school Drew worked many jobs while continuing to hone his craft and create music. After years of local musical theater, wedding bands and private shows he realized that even though a dif?cult ?eld, music and singing were simply the only things his soul was interested in. Drew knew his very being would not accept anything else. This realization prompted a move to New York City and enrollment in New School University, Mannes College of Music Jazz Division.

Since receiving his B.F.A. in jazz voice performance, Drew has established himself as one of the ?nest singers in the Tri-State area. Also called “Manhattan?s Smoothest Crooner,” he has produced his own musical show titled “The American Standards,” a hit on many stages ranging from the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut to the famed Danny?s Skylight Room Cabaret in NYC. Drew has also concertized at The Jazz Spot in New York City, Yale University?s Sprague Memorial Hall, and the historic Shubert Theater in New Haven, CT.

Drew has studied voice with internationally known jazz recording artist Jackie Paris, Count Basie, vocalist Anne Marie Moss, and Munich?s Bavarian State Opera tenor, John Kuhn.

He has also had the honor of performing in ensembles with Benny Powell, Arnie Lawrence and Chico Hamilton, as well as recording with celebrated blues pianist Junior Mance. He has sung with popular jazz recording artist Sheila Jordan and was privileged to sing at the legendary Blue Note with the Charles Tolliver Orchestra. Drew also displayed his vocal versatility when he sang with the Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra under the direction of noted percussionist Bobby Sanabria at Manhattan?s underground Latin nightclub, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

He has recorded four CDs. The ?rst one, entitled “You Don?t Know Me,” includes blues pianist Junior Mance on the title song. Drew?s second release, “On The Road”, has been seen on local television stations throughout the state of Connecticut. “The American Standards” is a compilation of his favorites from The Great American Songbook and has been very successful in CD sales. Drew also released an album of gospel songs entitled “A Promise” dedicated to his Mema Jean and performed live in churches across Connecticut with proceeds donated to many worthy causes.

After putting together his own band, “The Drew Anthony Orchestra,” and enjoying much success in casino lounges in Atlantic City, as well as both the famed Foxwoods Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, Drew decided to roll the dice and move to Las Vegas, NV, in 2006.

Soon after his arrival Drew landed a job at the historic Riviera Hotel and Casino where legendary artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley performed. His show was appropriately titled “Old Vegas Style” and Manhattan?s Smoothest Crooner was now swinging on the West Coast!

A new chapter in Drew life began with his decision to see a show in Vegas called “The Rat Pack is Back.” Fate had it that the show?s producer, Mr. Dick Feeney, was also in attendance that evening & Drew introduced himself. When Drew mentioned that he was a singer who was often hired to sing Sinatra songs at weddings, Mr. Feeney looked straight at him & said, “Well you can never be Sinatra in my show.” Being a trained singer, Drew was used to doing his own thing and unaware of the business of impersonating & look-a-likes, so he had to ask “Why not?” Mr. Feeney?s matter-of-fact response was this, “Because you look exactly like Dean Martin!” This, however, did not phase Drew at all, being 100 percent Italian American & the fact that Dean Martin was his mother?s favorite singer, Drew was already very familiar with his music.

Ever since that day Drew Anthony has become one of the world?s ?nest Dean Martin impersonators in the business. “It is an honor for me to play Dean Martin, I have great respect for what he was able to do with his life. To move people in such a way that they and their children would miss what he did to the extent of wanting to see someone else attempt to recreate it ?fty years later is incredible. When you have left this earth and still are making people happy with what you did while you were here, I can?t think of any higher achievement one can accomplish with their life. I enjoy playing him, I appreciate his work and I do the best I can with every performance to be sincere, accurate, and respectful to the memory of Dean Martin.”

Whether performing as Dean Martin or himself, Drew Anthony is a ?erce talent that is here to stay. Audiences in not only Las Vegas, but throughout the United States are consistently taken in by the silver velvet voice and magical stage presence of Drew Anthony Carrano. Once you hear him, feel his charm, you are hooked; locked tight in the grip of something extraordinary.




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