It’s not only what Alexander does that’s amazing, it’s how he does it. With a spiritual and hypnotic style, his magic is known to be made of some of the most innovative and technical sleight of hand in the world. His goal as an artist is to give you an unparalleled experience by using elegant mysteries that transcends your dreams.

Alexander’s interest in magic was sparked by the age of 8 when his brother returned from a trip with a magic kit. He was introduced to sleight of hand at the age of 13 when his fencing coach made a coin vanish in front of his very eyes. Alex asked his coach to teach him magic, and he did. Before every fencing lesson, there was a magic lesson.

At the age of 16, Alexander’s life changed When he realize he had been taking life for granted. This moment of clarity ignited a fire in his soul and made him so hungry for knowledge that he learned from anything he could get his hands on and he would practice all night and all day everyday. Because of his supportive parents, his resources expanded, and at a very young age, Alexander quickly began to develop the knowledge, and skills of a seasoned professional.

After learning other skills and taking up new hobbies, he began to realize that not only is magic in everything, it is a way. With every passing day Alexander gets better, and he continues to push the envelope and evolve.



Magic & Mentalists

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