Aerial Assault

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Aerial Assault is a touring group of world class entertainers and acrobats providing heart pounding trampoline shows. They tour the Western United States thrilling audiences with their 5-30 minute gravity defying performances. (Up to four shows per day.) Through their show they tell the story of the trampoline and it’s many extreme uses through their very charismatic M.C. and three hilarious characters. Captain no beard. (The captivating pirate.) Mr. Good looking. (The ladies man.) And Slayer. (The ski/snowboard bum.)

They are the only touring trampoline show on earth performing the mid air costume changes! Each show includes this amazing act plus skis, snowboards, olympic type routines, and the Triffus! (This is a triple flip with a twist.)

They provide all of the lights, sound, insurance, etc. Their footprint is 15’x 22′. You simply book them, and they take care of the rest. They truly are “turn key entertainment.”




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