Zowie Bowie

Zowie Bowie



The music varies, as does the attire. Sometimes he’s in John Varvatos rock attire or Versace couture with enough bling to sink a buoy. Other times, he’s in a full tux, evoking an image of the modern-day Rat Packer he has long hoped to inhabit.

This is Chris Phillips, a classic Las Vegas soul trapped in a dance-party production show. Sometimes we refer to him as Zowie Bowie, other times just Chris, but regardless he always brings the party.

Phillips-as-Zowie Bowie has filled Red Rock Casino for over a decade and has drawn hundreds to Third Street Stage on Fremont Street for his more recent Thursday and Saturday night performances.

Phillips, in his Z.B. mode, appears with the exquisitely beautiful and powerfully voiced Nieve Malandra and a rhythm section that moves easily through such dance staples as “Uptown Funk,” “Get Down Tonight” and “Let’s Get it Started.” That format has made Phillips a consistently popular showman among locals from the moment he opened at Red Rock Casino in 2006.



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