Wild Bill Young

Wild Bill Young



Wild Bill young has been a fan of country music all of his life.
Young is an ” Authentic Nashville Country Artist” holding the keys to the great city of Nashville, Tennessee as well as his home town of St. Louis, Missouri.
Wild Bill has graced the city of Nashville for several years. Young is the third black country singer to go national.

It’s not unusual for country singer Wild Bill Young to get a few stares when he’s dressed up for a show. He stands at a solid six-foot-four inches tall— probably closer to six-foot-eight, with hat and boots. Young’s stage appearance adds the urban flair of bandannas and flashy chains to the more traditional country look, giving the University City native an “outlaw” type of swagger. There is a great demand for Young’s unconventional / traditional style. Young has worked with various artist such as Kid Rocks guitar player (Kenny Olsen) as well as Toby Kieth’s signed group “Trailer Choir” Vinnie and Butter. Young has been blessed to work with several platinum-selling producers including hit-makers Steve Blast and Mo Beatz.

Young’s music blends certain hip-hop and soul elements with tried-and true country storytelling. Wild Bill likes to write his own material. Young has written over 200 original songs. His production is currently being handled by Willie Woods (who produced Nelly’s hit “Ride Wit Me”). Young’s deep, booming vocals could be compared to someone like Issac Hayes, though with a distinctive Southern twang. One shouldn’t be fooled by his Nelly-like delivery on the track “I Told Ya’ll”, Wild Bill is a singer, not a country rapper like Cowboy Troy. That song was more of a taunt, his way of saying , I can do what ya’ll do, but can you do what I do?”. Young likens himself more to Elvis Presley in terms of his elevated energy, style and amazing vocals. Bill also likens himself to The Great Charlie Pride with his natural ability to seduce ones ears with the traditional smooth country twang.



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