Variation 5

Variation 5



Introducing Variation 5, the sensational 5-piece band that features two powerhouse lead vocalists with voices that effortlessly traverse between soulful Latin melodies and the dynamic beats of Pop.

This high-energy quintet* is backed by a power trio that features a keyboardist/backup vocalist who infuses each song with a symphony of emotions. The heartbeat of the band features a bassist and percussionist who lay down the foundation for Variation 5’s sound with rhythms that make every performance an irresistible dance party.

Their electrifying performances are a celebration of rhythm, melody, and energy, drawing inspiration from the colorful tapestry of Latin culture and the universal language of Pop. From sultry ballads to high-energy dance anthems, Variation 5 delivers a musical journey that resonates with fans of all ages and backgrounds.

* The quintet is also available with horns, percussion, guitar, and dancers.



80s, 90s, Latin, Pop Rock, Top 40

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