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Sam Riddle



Sam Riddle, a Nashville recording artist, boasts a captivating musical journey that blends the expansiveness of Montana skies with the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. His evolution into a standout performer in the Country music scene is marked by a unique path and a deep-rooted musical heritage.

Early Influences and Musical Roots:

♦ Sam’s exposure to music began with his father, a founding member of Montana’s esteemed Mission Mountain Wood Band, which significantly impacted his perception of live performances.

♦ Inspired by his father’s band and their ability to connect with audiences, Sam found his passion for creating unforgettable experiences through music.

Transition to Las Vegas and Musical Evolution:

♦ After college, Sam ventured to Las Vegas, initially playing jazz piano in upscale nightclubs. This experience honed his performance skills and provided a solid foundation for headlining his own shows.

♦ The pivotal moment came when he first performed Country music, a genre that resonated deeply with him and felt like a natural fit, aligning his passion with his musical direction.

Diverse Musical Influences:

♦ Sam’s musical influences span across genres and artists, ranging from country legends like Ricky Skaggs and Kenny Chesney to iconic entertainers such as Huey Lewis and The News, Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown.

♦ He admires the stage presence and showmanship of these iconic figures, studying their performances like game tape to enhance his own stagecraft.

Career Milestones and Recent Projects:

♦ Sam Riddle recently unveiled his hit single “Bar Stool, Church Pew Town,” gaining acclaim and attention within the music industry.

♦ Presently, he’s actively performing for live audiences in Las Vegas, eagerly embracing the return to post-pandemic live shows, inviting fans to join him in celebrating life through his music.

Sam Riddle’s musical journey is characterized by a diverse set of influences, a deep respect for live performances, and an innate ability to connect with audiences. His fusion of Montana’s heritage and Las Vegas’s radiant energy adds a unique dimension to his persona as a dynamic and compelling Country music artist.


Country, Country Rock, High Energy

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