Paige and the Overtones

Paige and the Overtones



In the bustling musical scene of Las Vegas, Paige Overton emerges as a beacon of genuine emotion and musical prowess. Her debut EP, “Already Long Gone,” goes beyond mere entertainment, exploring themes of personal growth and vulnerability. Transitioning from her role in The Clydesdale to her own solo spotlight, Overton’s emotive vocals and candid narratives resonate deeply, underscored by a Country-infused charm and authentic sincerity. Drawing from her own life journey, tracks like “Wife Boy” encourage introspection, urging listeners to embrace their complexities and embrace imperfections. Overton fosters a space for healing and understanding, striving to infuse a world hungry for compassion with the transformative power of love and empathy.

Overton’s band Paige & The Overtones features the dynamic duo of the “Angry Songbird” herself, Paige Overton, alongside guitar virtuoso Jake Shepard, as they lead this sensational Country band.

Paige brings her distinct Country flair to the forefront, offering captivating renditions of Country-Rock classics and original Honky-tonk compositions. With their fresh sound and undeniable talent, Paige & The Overtones are ready to set stages ablaze and enrapture audiences with their spellbinding performances.


Country, Country Rock, Original Music, Rockabilly

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