Michael M “After The King”

Michael M “After The King”



He doesn’t just imitate music; he deeply understands the connection between music, body, voice, and soul—a passion he’s had since childhood. Starting his professional music journey at 8 when he discovered Michael Jackson’s Thriller tape, Michael spent 15 years perfecting his impersonation as the King of Pop. His technique, “Dancing in the Dark,” allows him not only to mirror but to embody every movement, making them instinctive.


Michael’s uniqueness lies in more than impersonation; it’s in his skill to sing and dance the intricate combinations created by Michael Jackson. La Toya Jackson was astonished by Michael’s ability to replicate her brother’s vocals and choreography when they met in 2009.


Invited to Philadelphia in 2016 for the MJ: THE INVINCIBLE TOUR, Michael worked with Lavelle Smith, Michael Jackson’s personal choreographer and close friend. Smith was astounded by Mori’s precision in movement and capturing the King of Pop’s most challenging notes. “This guy is the most gifted impersonator I’ve ever seen!”


Now touring globally, Michael delivers an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience with his “After the King” show.



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