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Lady Winehouse



“Lady Winehouse” is a unique and innovative show created by Tierney Allen, featuring a live band and paying tribute to two iconic female figures in the music industry who achieved significant fame.

The performance begins with a captivating showcase of the late Amy Winehouse’s chart-topping hits, including unforgettable songs like “Back to Black,” “Valerie,” and “Rehab.” Through this segment, audiences can immerse themselves in the soulful and dynamic music that defined Amy Winehouse’s career.

Following the tribute to Amy Winehouse, the show transitions seamlessly into Jazz-infused renditions of Lady Gaga’s popular hits. Audiences can indulge in stylish and flavorful interpretations of Lady Gaga’s chart-toppers, including “Paparazzi,” “Bad Romance,” and “Poker Face,” delivered with a delightful Jazz twist.

“Lady Winehouse” has gained significant attention and acclaim from both Las Vegas locals and socialites, drawing rave reviews for its exceptional musical performances and the unprecedented concept that celebrates the legacies of these two remarkable artists.

Audiences are invited to experience the groundbreaking and unforgettable “Lady Winehouse” show, a one-of-a-kind production that brings together the timeless hits of Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga, showcasing the immense talent and impact of these legendary women in the music industry.


“Double the Diva”
by Amber Sampson with LAS VEGAS WEEKLY:

Tierney Allen’s favorite case of mistaken identity happened early in her career, at MGM Grand during the iHeartRadio Music Festival weekend.

“I stepped out of the bar, and all of a sudden somebody asked for a picture,” she remembers. “Then one person turns into five, turns into 20, turns into literally hundreds of people in the casino. People standing on top of slot machines. People on each other’s shoulders. It was absolute pandemonium.” Security swooped in. “They took me and my husband to the back of the house and said, “Which suite are you in, Miss Gaga?” And I’m like, “I’m not Lady Gaga.” That was when Allen, early in her role as a Lady Gaga Tribute artist, knew her likeness was enough. For the past seven years, the San Jose native has faithfully portrayed the award-winning artist through each iconic era in “Legends in Concert.”

“I’m really interested in her Jazz era,” says Alan, a trained singer, pianist, and violinist, “We know how talented she is from her Pop stuff, but when she does her Jazz shows in Vegas, man, she wails and she’s like Elvis and Liberace all in one.”

On stage, Allen is a vocal powerhouse; offstage, she’s a diligent student incessantly studying Gaga’s mannerisms, “how she holds her hand, or how she forms her mouth,” she explains. And Alan makes 99% of her Gaga replicas herself.

The tribute marks a turning point for Allen, who up until this point had always relied on joining others’ productions. Lady Winehouse is “something of mine” she says, “something I could create and take on the road when I want to go to different casinos or venues around the world.”

While Allen has everything it takes to carve her own path as an artist, her role as Gaga remained a priority and a passion. “It’s Halloween every day,” she said. “I get to sing these Pop songs and Jazz songs and she’s still going. Why would I ever quit?”


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