Jordan Sherman Band

Jordan Sherman Band



Jordan Sherman is a multi-instrumentalist who brings many different styles and elements to his live performance. Jordan has been working as a professional musician for 9 years in cities all over North America. With a repertoire of nearly 800 tunes, Jordan has been performing 5 nights a week at upscale restaurants in the LA area, continuing to evolve as a performer. He gives clientèle an interactive experience, taking requests and letting the crowd dictate the direction and pace of the show.

Recently, Jordan expanded his options by putting together a four-piece group with top-notch musicians, the Jordan Sherman Band.

Also available as a solo, duo or four-piece (or more,) Jordan Sherman was rapidly surfaced as one of our top acts!

Whether it’s singing, playing piano, or getting funky on his strat, Sherman gives everything he has for every song. Audiences are instantly captivated by his passion and wide repertoire, including old soul tunes, top 40, and many of your favorites across 6 decades of popular music.


90s, Featured, Pop, Pop Rock, Top 40

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