Emma Negrete

Emma Negrete



Emma Negrete, an expressive Pop Singer/Songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, has been performing since she was 7 years old. She studied Vocal Jazz at the Chicago College of Performing Arts where she joined a local band performing throughout Chicagoland.

From there, her career took her to the LA music scene where she continued her studies at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. Notably, she clinched the esteemed Universal CityWalk Vocal Scholarship, marking her sensational debut on the revered stage of Universal Studios’ CityWalk.

Next, Emma traveled to ShenZhen China for a residency at an EDM club. Following a 7-month stay in Asia, she returned to her roots in Los Angeles where she continues to perform regularly in venues all over the area.

With a compelling stage presence and a voice that effortlessly conveys emotion, Negrete has performed at various venues, captivating audiences with her performances. Her ability to connect with listeners through her music has garnered her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim within the music industry. Emma’s musical journey reached new heights when she had the honor of sharing the stage with Christina Aguilera at the American Music Awards.

Throughout her career, Emma Negrete has released original music that reflects her artistry and emotional authenticity. Her songs often explore themes of love, empowerment, self-discovery, and personal growth, resonating with audiences through their relatable lyrics and emotive melodies.

Versatile and dynamic, she effortlessly navigates across genres, showcasing her prowess in R&B, Jazz, and Pop – her personal favorites.


Divas, Duo, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Solo, Top 40

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