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Like most musical groups, Desperado’s evolution through the years has
included a few member changes.

The latest line up is even more powerful & entertaining than ever before,
and promises to be the finest “Eagles experience” to be had, outside of
an actual Eagles concert.

With their exciting stage & visual presence, “world class” guitar work, rock solid rhythm section, and dynamic vocal work, Desperado satisfies their audiences
with a “Big Stage” quality experience.

As you experience this band performing, you realize that you are in the presence of a group of extremely accomplished & well seasoned, “world class” musicians.

A Desperado performance isn’t just about an audience enjoying their
favorite Eagles hits… It’s about that & much more.

The professional visual impact, astounding accuracy & obvious soulful appreciation & personal enjoyment which is shown by the performing musicians takes
the great music of the Eagles far beyond the typical “tribute” band experience.
A Desperado audience has a memorable, world class, “Major Artist Concert”
type of musical experience that they will talk about to their friends & peers,
for years to come.


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