Cale creates an intimate relationship with their audience, connecting almost immediately with deep, guarded places in the soul.
Cale has released a new Cd called “Noches de Mala Vida”, a mixture of fresh Latin and Flamenco rhythms with pop/rock/funk and electronic elements creating a wide musical menu, ranging from “chill-out” instrumental songs to contagiously dancing rumba songs like “Noches de Mala Vida” or traditional tangos/flamencos and Latin/pop songs like “Mujer cruel”.

Cale fuses in its components a musical recipe for all music fans from traditional to modern crowds.
It has been more than 6 years since Cale was created and after its first debut album “Vente Conmigo”, Cale comes back with “Noches de Mala Vida”, a more mature yet music wise modern approach in which the band has found a middle point of music equilibrium that defines Cale as a unique “musical experience”.



Atmosphere, Unique

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