If you’re looking to book a 70’s Rock Cover Band, we have entertainers for you! We have the ultimate groups playing Rock classics from all the greats like AC/DC, T-Rex and more. Along with their ’70’s collection, these acts cover a range of ’80s songs too. If you can’t find something you want, have no fear, we have our trained agents on hand to help you.

The ’80s was a decade of extravagant outfits, outrageous hairstyles and unforgettable anthems – This is exactly what our superior ’80s tribute bands promise. If you are planning a head-banging, Glam-Rock event or maybe a ‘80s-themed wedding, we have you covered.

“We are the ’70s and ’80s band specialists”

About Steve Beyer 70s

Steve Beyer Productions is a specialist in 70s bands and has provided 1000s of acts for 70s events all across the USA. One of the things that you get from booking a 70s artist with us, is our pride in customer care.. You will be provided with a specialist in the booking of 70s events and make sure you have exactly the right act for you. We will be there to guide you through the process from start to finish.

All our 70s entertainers bookings are safe and secure with a legally binding contract to help give you peace of mind. We also make sure all our 70s bands meet professional standards and closely monitor their performance.

“We are the 70s booking specialists”

Where can I book a 70s Band?

Our local 70s bands are positioned all over the country ready to perform for you. We aim to supply you a local act wherever possible, but all our musicians are able to travel and have performed in 1000s of venues up and down the country including:

70s bands in Alabama,70s Music in Alaska, 70s event in Arizona, 70s parties in Arkansas, 70s evenings in California, 70s night in Colorado, 70s event in Connecticut, 70s party in Delaware, 70s night in Columbia, 70s gig in Florida, 70s fundraiser in Georgia, 70s Quinceaneras party in Hawaii, 70s dance in Idaho, a 70s restaurant launch in Illinois and many more.

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