Vita Radionova Hula Hoop Adagio Dancer



Hula Hooping at its best!

French-Ukrainian Hand Balancer, Contortionist, Adagio Dancer, and Hula Hoop Artist Vita Radionova performs multiple atmospheric sets with LED Hula Hoops.

Enchanting, mesmerizing and sensuous, this world-renowned Cirque artist graduated from the legendary Circus School of Kiev in 1999. Since then, Vita performed at some of the finest venues in Europe, including Germany’s Apollo Varieté, GOP Varieté, Palazzo, as well as Circus Salto Natale. Performing as featured artist in the 2003 Tiger Lilies Circus tour throughout Europe, Vita made her North American debut at Teatro ZinZanni in 2004.

In her performances, she defies the laws of physics with her Contortion and Hula Hoop performances.

As an Adagio dancer (solo or duo,) slow enfolding movements are performed with fluidity and grace. This performance stands on its own or can be an alluring introduction to a Hula Hoop performance.




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