Vira Syvorotkina

Vira Syvorotkina 1


One of the extraordinary qualities possessed by Vira, is to accurately determine a person’s character. She feels his every fiber of her soul. She is using it at work, when writing a person, like pulls out and reveals his character, emotions, his inner world.Over the years, she has created magic sand animation for major brands such as Nike (with tour in USA and UAE), Bosch, Volvo, Nissan, JTI, AICE and many others. She has been created personal sand animated video for the presidents of Poland and Ukraine. A huge number of corporate videos and live performances. Vira winner of many awards, one of which was a festival Newcomer Show Krystallpalast in Germany. All 2013 year Vira lived in Las Vegas working in show ZARKANA Cirque Du Soleil. Vira ‘s world-famous sand animator, since 2009 wins the hearts of the audience.

With her sand show, with Pablo Alboran participated in awarding Latin Grammy Awards 2013. Vira is a very creative person, without creativity she does not live a day.




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