Simon Winthrop is a world premier private party and corporate magician. The Las Vegas magician, mentalist, and illusionist has been entertaining people for many years. His high-energy performance style is interactive and never fails to amaze, amuse and energize his audience.

By combining illusion magic tricks, hilarious clean comedy routines, and audience participation, Simon delivers a performance that is perfect for any event! Simon regularly performs for many VIP’s and celebrities including Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, The Mayors of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

All his shows are successful because he always has something new for his audience. Audiences of all ages appreciate Simon’s unique and entertaining magic acts. He is a frequent guest on many popular radio and television shows.

Everything is possible with the breathtaking magic and unique comedy of Simon Winthrop! Successful trade show exhibits and product launches with qualified leads. Outstanding feedback from meetings and conferences. Hilarious and amazing school and college activities. Unforgettable weddings and birthday parties.

Simon excels at walk-around (“strolling”) magic and mentalism featuring intimate magic with everyday objects such as cards, coins, money, you name it! The great thing about this particular type of entertainment is it can adapt to any performing environment as Simon carries everything needed and is self contained – therefore it can be performed for guests who are standing, sitting, or anything in between. Simon entertains through mentalism by guests telling guests about their past, present or future.

“Unbelievable!” – Tom Cruise

“Do That Again!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger



Magic & Mentalists

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