Marc unknowingly began his comedy career in December 1996 while serving in San Diego, CA as a recruiter for the U.S. Air Force. His sense of humor was discovered by accident, while giving a presentation to a class of inattentive high school students on the benefits of a military career. Realizing his presentation was less than inspirational he decided to tell stories about his days in high school and compare them with the students in the room. Not exactly inspiring them to “Aim High”, but it got their attention. He left that day learning that if you make them laugh, you’ll keep their attention. The comedian was taking shape. He created a humorous presentation combining embellished stories about his prom gone wrong to his first Job. He seamlessly tied the benefits of the Air Force while conveying how intrinsically the Air Force changed his life and gave several scenarios as to how it could change theirs. His presentations were a huge success and he was requested by teachers and administrators to speak to students in assemblies as well as the classroom. As a result Marc was the Air Forces’ Top Recruiter for three consecutive years. The following summer Marc tested his comedy skills by entering the Gold Coast Comedy competition in 1998. Armed with 1 joke the “Adoption Story” and material from his class presentation, he took 3rd place. Continuing to work on material at local open mic nights, he decided to enter the Bay Area Black Comedy competition. He submitted a VHS tape of a joke called “Checking Account” which got him into the competition, but not out of the first round. However his performance caught the attention of comedy icons Michael Williams and Robert Sumner from Def Comedy Jam whose relationship proved instrumental in landing a spot on BET’s Comic View and Comedy Central Premium Blend. This experience proved invaluable and spurred Marc on to pursue his comedy career even though the demands of his Military Career made road work difficult to obtain because of scheduling constraints. Still Marc remained steadfast in pursuit of his new found passion. Over the past Decade Marc, who prefers to work predominately clean has performed with several notable comedians to include: Jim Gaffigan, Pablo Francisco, Kathleen Madigan, Kevin James, Steve Harvey, Sheryl Underwood, Bobby Collins, Robert Shimmel, Brad Garrett, George Wallace and many others. According to Marc, “The journey towards comedic success has been slow and arduous, but I wouldn’t change a thing.” His clever insight and hilarious depiction of everyday life makes Marc a favorite headliner in International and corporate circles, Christian comedy events, and cruise ships in addition to comedy clubs on the Las Vegas Strip and throughout the country.




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