DJ Brazilia

DJ Brazilia


This Turntablist/Visual Artist uplifted the club industry with an amazing fusion of Rare Grooves and funk accentuated with Brazilian Beats and organic sounds. DJ Brazilia was born in Brazil where she grew up with the rhythmical melodies of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso and Jorge Ben. The lovely Brazilia is one of the fastest emerging DJs in the West. Her insatiable appetite for innovation and her energy and communication with the dance floor has earned her a place in the Desert Sun.

DJ Brazilia is one very unique “she-jay” with a fierce look and fresh talent. Her preferred genre is mainly Deep House, Funk, Disco, and Neo Jazz.

While DJ Brazilia’s transition from average girl to well known DJ around the Phoenix & Las Vegas areas seems normal, she claims she is the offspring of an alien due to a childhood story and the constant awkwardness that seems to follow her, which definitely makes her stand out in the growing pool of she-jays!

DJ Brazilia can be found spinning the tracks and rapping on the mic weekends at Cream Stereo Lounge & Angels & Outlaws in Scottsdale, as well as Merc Bar in Phoenix.


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