Ronny and the Classics

Ronny and the Classics



The Band started as Jawbone and was restructured into Ronny and the Classics in the late Eighties. The name was chosen by the then manager, David Harris. Initially the 50s and 60s were the decades of musical focus, but as time moved on, other decades were added to invite the younger audiences to experience live music. Some of the musicians that have been part of the Ronny and the Classics line up from the beginning were Bobby Fetherhof on guitar and Freddy Kakebeen (Ron’s brother) on saxophone. The Classics have performed in Idaho, New York, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Georgia, Kansas and of course, all over California. They’ve performed for Hot August Nights in Reno for 17 years, probably a favorite event for the Classics. The favorite venue to perform for is the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center, because it is an intimate theatre setting with great acoustics and the audience comes to hear and see what the Classics have to offer. The lowest point of the bands reign occurred in 2007: Freddy quit music, the manager died, and their trailer with all their equipment was stolen after only the first of five performances in Reno during Hot August Nights. Ron’s bass was discovered on E-bay. Glenn’s guitar and Ralph’s saxophone was found being sold at a swap meet un Salt Lake City, Utah and recovered. Since then, the Classics have recovered with the help of family, friends, fellow musicians and a fund raiser hosted by the AVIO Dutch Club. Ralph Parillo joined the group in 2007 and has added musical dimensions and ideas previously not considered. The Classics are always fresh and unpredictable, as they don’t like to repeat a show or have you tell time by their musical selections. One thing that is always consistent is that they come to play and will give 110% to provide musical entertainment that will leave a good feeling and positive impression on most people.



50s, 60s

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