Patty Lund

Patty Lund



Patty Lund began playing classical piano at the age of 5 in her home state of New Jersey. When she realized you don’t get to wear spandex on stage at classical concerts, she got the hell out of classical music and moved to L.A. It was there that Patty discovered nobody should wear spandex anywhere, so she took a position playing ragtime piano on a bicycle at Tokyo Disneyland.

In 2001, when the market for ragtime bicycle piano-players tanked, Patty found herself in search of a career once more. She was walking by a dueling piano bar when the thought hit her: neurosurgery! But then she realized she has absolutely no surgical skills or medical education, and decided that dueling pianos might be a better option. “Plus,” Patty says, “they give me girly drinks.”

Patty has been known to duel at the slightest affront, using any item at hand. Pianos are her speciality, but she can also beat you with artichokes, rolled-up movie posters, or a stapler. For insurance reasons, Patty no longer duels the alto sax.


Dueling Pianos, Piano

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