The soulful Maya Cohen is an experienced and accomplished vocalist, currently performing on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. As a world traveler, she has fronted various acts in many projects globally.
In the past 7 years, Maya has established an extensive repertoire, bringing her effortless voice and captivating stage presence to venues all over the west coast. Maya specializes in Contemporary Jazz, Pop, Rock, ’80s and ’90s, able to breathe life into and make her own any song that is asked for. A show led by Maya brings energy and passion and will leave you asking for more.

Her love for music was fostered by her father, a singer, and her brother, a renowned saxophonist. She was accepted into the exclusive Ironi Alef High School of Arts in Tel Aviv, where her skills were honed. The influence of classic Jazz artists is obvious when she unleashes her powerful and husky voice, full of passion and fire, unique in tone and range.

As a writer and producer, she explores the depth of her human experience, allowing the listener to relate and feel her voice. Her musical acumen is on full display, with tones ranging from rock to punk to blues.

Audiences are always asking for “more Maya” wherever she performs!



Female Lead, Pop, Pop Rock, Top 40

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