Mark O’ Toole

Mark O’ Toole



Named Entertainer and Lounge Performer of the Year 2013 by Entertainment Consumers’ Exchange

Mark’s love of performing began early in life with leading roles in The Boston Children’s Theatre.
After several years of guitar lessons, he discovered the other love of his life… Singing.
He sang in the church choir five days a week and starred in many musical productions in surrounding community theaters. Mark started his first band at the age of 16, playing weddings and other events, from the worst dives to beautiful mansions. He worked for two seasons at the South Shore Music Theatre in Cohasset, MA working with many celebrities. He carefully studied their talents and took what he thought was their best and put them into his own show.

Any first time listener is likely to be struck by the quality of Mark’s powerful voice.
Part velvet, part gravel, and all taut emotion, it’s a voice that seems ideally suited to perform the songs of the Great American Songbook. His is a voice that can be alternately rough as a sandpaper embrace, or as cool as a tall glass of milk.

Mark’s first exposure to the national limelight came from his dead-on impression of a matronly grandmother.
As a favor, he would call his friend, a DJ on WVBF-FM in Boston, and pretend to be his friend’s grandmother. As fate would have it, Jay Thomas, a regular on Cheers and Murphy Brown, heard Mark while in Boston and asked him to be a regular on his radio show in Hollywood.
He was an instant hit.

Currently, Mark is bringing his powerful voice and incredible charisma to performances throughout the Southwest. The one message Mark wants to convey is “follow your dreams and have faith in yourself, and most importantly in God.”


Crooners, Lounge, Swing

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