Lyndsey Jones

Lyndsey Jones



Lyndsey Jones, a mezzo-soprano and Dallas native, doesn’t remember when she started singing. Her earliest memories were from about the tender age of four when she was frequently singing Disney songs and singing in a church choir. Lyndsey also began studying the piano at the age of five. Her talent evolved through the years with encouragement from her musically-inclined family, including a mother who is a classical pianist and a father who plays the guitar and sings with a band.

Being surrounded by music was the genesis of a passion that, along with her perfect pitch, has carried her down a path through years of choral singing (including being a 2-year member of the prestigious Texas All-State Choir), and a principal role as one of the three spirits in the Dallas Opera’s production of The Magic Flute. Lyndsey had excellent classical training with Melinda Cotten and formal training in the pop, jazz, and blues genres with Dallas’ renowned “The Septien Entertainment Group”.

Lyndsey has been the featured soloist at venues in Dallas and has provided vocals on several recording projects. In addition, she enjoys writing songs, including “Daydreaming,” which is featured here as a video.

She also performs with a wonderful duo, Fely & Lyndsey, also featured in a video clip.



90s, Piano, Pop, Solo

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