Kendra and Barry

Kendra and Barry



Kendra and Barry of Kendra Barry have both been surrounded by music for a cumulative 50 years. Both being a musician, singer, songwriter and actor, they are best known for their fun and original dynamic stage presence. In advocating clear tones, being well versed in music theory, a broad array of music styles and high quality sound has allowed a steady flow of exposure in the music industry for this dynamic duo.

Kendra Barry is an American Pop/Rock band famous for their hit single “Make Me Fall.” Performing in venues all across the country, they continue to win the hearts of their audience as well as gather an enormous following while on tour.

Kendra Barry dreams of bringing their music to the world in a process that brings aspects of a masculine and feminine quality together in a unique way that incorporates many different genres of music. They have performed in support of philanthropic efforts such as the American Cancer Association and the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Kendra Barry are now preparing for the release of their debut EP and has already released their second single. Their steady rise to prominence has made the vision they both had for their music a reality. “We are constantly positively evolving personally as well as in our music, we believe our music effects and helps others in a positive way.”


Duo, Solo

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