Jamit Duo

Jamit Duo



These two dynamic entertainers deliver an amazing, crowd-pleasing show with a professional, full-band sound! Classic Rock, R&B, Hot Dance music, and more!

AJ hails from Milwaukee, performing around the globe with several bands and opening acts including The Untouchables. He and Timmy B teamed up to create the original Jamit Duo. AJ drives each performance with world-class drumming and sweet, soulful vocals.

As the nexus of JAMIT, Timmy B hass toured with the likes of Leather Teddy and Jaded Heart, and even hit the road with 70s Classic Rock icons Head East (‘Save My Life/Never Been Any Reason’.) Timmy B brings the Rock edge with captivating guitar work and screamin’ Rock vocals, delivered with the spunk and energy that gets people on their feet.

Veteran performers, JAMIT brings fun, versatility, and audience participation to the stage, ideal for any venue.



70's & 80's, Classic Rock, R & B, Rock, Solo/Duo, Top 40

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