Guitar Heroes of Rock & Roll

Guitar Heroes of Rock & Roll



GUITAR HEROES OF ROCK & ROLL is the Ultimate Tribute to a Rock N Roll cast of Grammy Award-winning guitar players with decades of timeless hits.

Unlike many tribute acts that offer only a single or double tribute, GUITAR HEROES OF ROCK & ROLL offers a quadruple tribute with multiple choices within each show which can be customized for your corporate event or venue. This allows the buyer to have a choice of 2 different shows tailored from the Gallery of Artists (shown here.)

Stevie Ray Vaughn

George Thorogood

Peter Frampton

David Gilmour

Eric Clapton

Ted Nugent

Neil Young

Joe Walsh

These shows have a minimal backline, with a venue-friendly rider and are 100% live with an easy setup. They are also budget-friendly and appeal to a wide demographic that spans 5 generations.

These show have been winning audiences over instantly!


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