Gina Eckstine

Gina Eckstine



Gina’s career began at the age of 7 when she was invited on stage with her father, Billy Eckstine, during his nightclub act. Gina says, “from then I was hooked. I knew what I wanted to do… SING!” By age 13, she began extensive vocal training and music study.” After her father witnessed her graduation performance he decided she was ready for his “College Of The Road”. After three years with The Billy Eckstine Show, Gina moved to California and started her own night club act. After gaining success at the La Costa Resort Hotel, she moved to Las Vegas. For 9 years Gina has performed in all the major hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe area.

Gina Eckstine is a true artist. She performs all styles of music beautifully and her powerful presence and her unique voice will captivate you. Blessed with her mother’s beauty and her father’s talent, Gina is definitely a star on the rise!


Divas, Unique

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