Gabrielle Lopez

Gabrielle Lopez




Gabrielle Lopez has been singing professionally for over 10 years. As a child she found her love for music studying Classical piano. In her early 20’s, she booked her first professional singing gig on Cruise Ships. Climbing her way through the cruise industry, she started off singing with party bands and then on to performing with some of the top award-winning production shows in the cruise world. 


She’s been able to travel around the world singing and performing including a year-long engagement to perform in Japan. Next, she attended New York Vocal School, graduating as a Vocal Teacher in 2021. 


She now makes her home in Las Vegas singing in various venues as well as continuing to headline on Cruise Ships with her very own show. This versatile entertainer sings everything from Top 40 to Latin to Country to R&B and wide variety of Pop and Rock Classics going as far back as the 50s. She even mixes in some Broadway when the occasion fits.


Gabrielle does what she loves best and will continue to reach for the stars.


Broadway, Female Lead, Latin, Piano, Pop, Pop Rock, R&B, Solo, Top 40

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