Electra Brass

Electra Brass



Electra Brass is a unique group of 4 beautiful and talented women who take rock-and-roll horns to a whole new level. Incorporating the use of effects pedals combined with outstanding musicianship, the brass instrument sounds are navigated through sound processors which emulate electric guitars, synthesized keyboards, choir harmonies and much more! Our set list consists of custom arrangements of rock, pop, and funk tunes, including many hits audiences know and love from many different genres, which keep fans excited and loving what they hear!

This all-girl band is like no other, literally, there is no other music group in the world quite like Electra Brass in existence. Expect a band consisting of four beautiful women, blessed not only with gorgeous looks but also amazing musical talent, who will rock the stage and fill the room with unforgettable sounds never heard before. Electra Brass has taken a traditional classical model and shattered the mold with a rock electric flair!

Whether it’s a solo, duo, trio or even full rock band that you prefer, or perhaps classical or contemporary music to better suit your event, Electra Brass can meet your needs!


All Girl Band, Electro, Quartet, Rock

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