Daniel Park


Before settling down in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012, Daniel Park was in a state of “permanent touring,” traveling all over the Southwest and West Coast performing over 300 shows a year. Over that period, Daniel developed a distinctive sound for his live shows through his use of the electric violin, as well as looping, a technique which is increasingly highlighted by notable artists like Ed Sheeran.

The (non-electric) violin was Daniel’s first instrument, as he started lessons when he was five years old. He then transitioned to learning the acoustic guitar when his parents started noticing him strumming his violin with both hands, and it became a major instrument of his in high school. Daniel’s accolades include being picked as one of the top 100 acts in Season 7 of America’s Got Talent, and his “Sidewalk Guitar” EP is the current hold music for the online shoe and clothing company Zappos.

He currently holds weekly residencies at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip, where he entertains crowds for three to four hours a night. Daniel has written and recorded music for three EP’s, two Live EP’s, and is currently working on his 4th EP.

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