Cory Brown

Cory Brown



Born and raised in rural Manitoba, the prairies will never leave his heart and mind, but Cory Brown was destined for more than just the soil and scenes of normal life there.

With a longing of music, singing, and songwriting, he started very young at performing, singing on stage as early as 8 years old, things have never stopped for him throughout the years. From touring across Canada and the United States, one thing is for certain, this is his destiny.

With an abundance of talent instrumental-wise, Cory prides himself on his voice more than anything. Up until now, he has only ever been a member of a band, or side guy in a project, giving himself to whatever he was involved in a 100 percent. Now, with 20 years of performing experience, he is ready to continue his solo career, on his terms, his direction, his passion.

A bio will not do justice to this talented singer with a gift to give this world. This gift is truth in his lyrics, inspiration in his smile, and belief in his voice. You’ll see, you’ll hear, you will know…


Country, Country Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Solo

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