Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson



Chris began his musical career by teaching himself to play piano at age 7. Soon he began to get more advanced with his music in junior high school and began to perform in several bands and recording projects. At 24, he was introduced to the world of Rock-n-Roll Dueling Pianos, which was perfect for him, because it was made up of music and comedy, which are his 2 passions. In 1994, Chris was given the opportunity to open his own piano bar, using a bar concept which he had come up with, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In 1997, Chris moved on to Vegas. He became the head piano player in the Bar at Times Square in the New York, New York Hotel and Casino by 1998, and currently still resides there, entertaining thousands a year, and making people smile and laugh. Also, during this time Chris has performed with many different artists and piano players, doing various corporate events and concerts. His piano partner and best friend, Michael Cavanaugh, star of “Movin Out” on Broadway, is his favorite by far to work with.



Dueling Pianos, Piano

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