Blue Juniper

Blue Juniper



Blue Juniper, a vocal trio based in Las Vegas features Serena Isabelli on lead vocals, showcasing her skills across Modern Pop, Motown, Hip Hop, and Rock. Berklee alum Shawn Silva enhances the mix with his expertise on keys and vocals, infusing the group’s sound with a distinctive R&B flair drawn from his extensive background in music education and vocal performance. Alaska’s own Conway Seavey rounds out the group, adding his voice and guitar skills to complete the circle.


The band’s name is derived from the house where the members first lived together as roommates, a place where their creative synergy blossomed.  This longstanding friendship forms the bedrock of their seamless collaboration, creating a musical experience that is both compelling and authentic.


What truly distinguishes Blue Juniper is their musical chemistry and the deep roots of their friendship. Their vocals are simply magical! Blue Juniper offers audiences a captivating journey through Pop, Top 40, and R&B.



2K, 80s, 90s, Neo Soul, Pop Rock, R&B, Soul, Trio

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