Anthony James Baker

Anthony James Baker



Born in England, AJB grew up listening to the greats whilst learning to play the guitar and also taking some time to create his own unique style. He began playing at an early age in pubs and clubs in Kent and in the 1980’s hooked himself into the London music scene, where he recorded with many pop phenomenon’s including members of Tears For Fears, Big Country and chart topping Swiss band Magic Power.

Working on a new album AJB enlisted the help of friend and hit producer Darren Rahn to produce some new tunes – the result being “Looking Ahead” a five song EP released in 2009 His music is featured on American TV and radio stations globally,as well as digital download sites such as iTunes , Amazon , Rhapsody and many others. Returning back to the UK to live in 2007, AJB became involved with Zorchid Music in a collaborative venture to set up a smooth jazz group in the UK with other top class UK-based musicians and in 2011 released his new “unplugged” album titled Acoustic Window. Having performed at many London Venues and throughout the UK , AJB returned to the USA in 2012 and now resides in Las Vegas , Nevada where he is writing and performing his music.


Blues, Jazz

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