ABBAFAB is a stunning tribute to the music of ABBA featuring the
sensational Anne Davies, Chelsea Faulds, Scotty Pearson, Nick Davies and
a line up of stellar musicians.
This multimedia production is a tribute to some of the
greatest music produced in the 1970’s and 1980’s including monster hits
such as Waterloo, Fernando, Honey Honey, Dancing Queen and countless
others. From the earliest hits to the hit movie Mamma Mia, ABBAFAB will
take you on an ABBA journey that is unmatched.
ABBA’s record breaking string of hits is timeless and continues to thrill
audiences of all ages. There’s no generation gap here; just
memorable music and memories and ABBAFAB covers them all.
There’s no doubt that the ABBAFAB vibe is infectious! Their vocals and
musicianship are second to none. ABBA fans love it and new ABBA fans
are created at every show.
Come on along for the ride and enjoy the time of your life with ABBAFAB!



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