If you have already been put in charge of getting a Latin act for your next event, primary reservations that people have with organizing the music and bands for their event are justifiable. As it is a key element of the function and can even be part of the primary focus. There are many components to think about when planning to hire a Latin ,not only whether the entertainer you are choosing for your show will appropriately entertain your visitors, or fit within your resources or them, but you also need to choose whether they will be dependable and professional. In the worst-case scenario, we have read of cases where Latin have failed to turn up on time or terminated without giving enough time to book another act in their place. Even if they do arrive, how do you know that they are going to be as good as their demo or showreel? And this is all on top of the rest of the function planning process of organizing refreshments, a venue or conference facility, florists, guest invitations, transportation, hotels need I go on? It can be a very challenging task.

The good news is that we are here to help. Steve Beyer Productions have 1000s of events experience of booking Lating bands under their belt. Here is the process of how we can help you.

Search Latin bands on our site. You can search a certain type of artist/ band, listen to the website demos or watch the showreel and build a list.
You can go on a suggestion. This can compact your search quite fast but do remember that colleagues may not have the same tastes, and what one person may think is great might not be ideal for the guests attending your event.

Ask us about Latin Bands

Ask us! Our agents are in the field all the time. They often know precisely who and what will work well with your styling and budget.
A note on professionalism. Many people place the utmost significance on the acts performance, but it is essential not to forget the other components involved with booking an act/band (for example, the way they conduct themselves both on and off stage, their dress code and ensuring they turn up in plenty of time, etc).

How long does a Latin band perform for?

Performance times will vary depending on the kind of act you are booking and the event you are holding.

There are so many different possibilities depending on your criteria, but to give you an example, a typical live show by a Latin band would be something like the following:

2 x 1 hour live sets (I like to include iPod music in between and up to 45 mins after the performance)


3 x 45 mins live sets (again, a lot of the acts would be quite happy to provide iPod music within the price)

How long does a band take to set up or soundcheck?

Latin Bands typically take around 2 hours to set up and sound check and can also arrive before your guests so they are ready to go.

What Next?

Once you have decided, here is the next step to securing your band or entertainment.

-We confirm the band availability.

-We confirm the band costs and what is included in this.

-We hold the band in reserve for you so that they don’t take another event in between.

-We then send you a booking contract to sign and confirm and pay a deposit

-Once this is confirmed we also confirm the band and put you in touch with the act to finalize any last-minute questions.

We are still on hand to make sure that everything runs smoothly before and after the event and if you need our event coordinators, they can do it all on the day too!

Examples of Latin bands you can book

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